My spice storage drove me nuts. I typically had to pull most of my spices out of the cabinet to find the ones I needed for a recipe. I also ended up with duplicates (triplicates) of some because I couldn’t remember if I had any. Who needs 2 jars of sage or turmeric, or any spice?

I went on PinterestPinterest Logo and searched “spice storage DIY”.  I looked at several different ideas, knowing that I needed to find one that A) cost less than $50 and B) is easy. There were 2 ideas that fit the bill: magnetic jars attached to my refrigerator or canning jars in a drawer. After looking at several pictures of both ideas, I decided that the jars on the refrigerator would look cluttered. So, I went with the spice drawer that I saw in a post on Dwellings by DeVore.

Spice drawer
Supplies to make 24 spice jars:

12 – 4 oz Ball jelly jars ≈ $11
12 – 8 oz Ball canning jars ≈ $14
1 – Chalk marker ≈ $6.5
1 – Can chalkboard paint ≈ $6


Remove metal inset lid from the band. In a well ventilated area spray 3 coats of the chalkboard paint on the inset lid, allowing to dry between coats. After the 3rd coat, allow to dry 24 hours before conditioning the chalkboard lid. To condition, rub a piece of chalk to fully cover the lid. Erase with a chalkboard eraser or a soft cloth. Lastly, wipe with a damp cloth to remove any residual chalk. 

As you can see, the outer ring of my spice jars are red. That’s because I tried painting the outer lids with enamel paint – it was a total fail. After the paint dried,  the paint inside the rim peeled & chipped. So, I had to buy replacement lids, and decided to buy red ones. For your project, I recommend leaving the outer rings alone. The tinplate steel looks clean and works well in any kitchen.

As a side note to this post, if you or someone you know is just setting up their kitchen, you might want to consider a counter top spice rack. The ones that come with the spices included are great for a newby. If you want to go that route, I recommend the Kamenstein Spice Rack. At less than $40 you get 20 spices in jars and a stainless steel spice tower.



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